Questions of documentary: “Wild Child: The story of feral children”.

1. What does feral mean according to the video?

Answer: According to the video, feral means a children abandoned who is raised by animals leaving him with an untamed and savage behaviour.

2. What are the factors that led Oxana to become a feral children?

Answer: Her parents were alcoholic and careless, one day they left Oxana outside, she went to a farm and a dog found her. Another factores may be poverty and depression.

3. What is the conclussion Victor’s tutor reached?

Answer: After losing his temper with Victor, he realized that the kid couldn’t make sense of the sounds of language like the other children. He couldn’t require too much of him.

4. What are the two elements that feral children don’t have?

Answer: Feral children don’t have love and present parents.

5. What was the Victor’s tutor strategy to help develop language?

Answer: At the beginning, his strategy was the help of sounds and instruments. Later, he combined that with taking care of him, treat him with kindness and love.

6. What is the concept of nurture in the video?

Answer: Nurture in this case means educate the children.

7. What happened with the scientist who experimented with his own baby and a monkey?

Answer: At the end, the baby adopted the actions and behaviour of the monkey.

8. From minute 16, you should create 4 WH-questions to bring for the class.


1- What can we do as a society to avoid the situation of absent parents?

2- What would be considered a “normal” person?

3- Which are the methods to teach language to a child?

4- Why it’s so important to become a great teacher to abandoned kids?




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